Malaysian Airlines phones reportedly active, why hasn’t NSA tracked them?


The NSA collects about 5 billion records a day on the locations of cell phones around the world. The Washington Post reported back in December 2013, “Analysts can find cellphones anywhere in the world, retrace their movements and expose hidden relationships among the people using them.” Whistleblower Edward Snowden released documents cited in the report which provide evidence of the CO-TRAVELER tools described as providing “the methodical collection and storage of location data on what amounts to a planetary scale.”

On March 10th the Washington Post reported that cell phones of the missing passengers are still ringing and some instant message accounts seem to be showing active.

Why has the NSA not found any of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 passengers phones?

Why is tracking law abiding citizens 24/7 considered proper use of government resources?

Why is tracking down a missing airplane full of people less important than tracking supposedly free citizens?

Sources for this article:
1. NSA tracking cellphone locations worldwide, Snowden documents show

2. Vanished Malaysia Airlines flight leaves relatives with anger and phantom phone calls

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