VIDEO shows police tasering and choking 13-year-old boy

San Diego Union-Tribune says:

The struggle, which occurred around 5:30 p.m. behind a grocery store on South Mission Road near Ammunition Road, was videotaped by an onlooker with a cellphone and posted online Sunday. A sheriff’s spokeswoman said the deputy used his Taser after being bit on the hand by the boy during a struggle.

The video shows the teen on the ground, leaning against the deputy, who is on his knees, when the deputy puts his Taser up against his back and stuns him. Onlookers can be heard yelling profanities, with one shouting, “he’s a kid” and another saying, “police brutality right here.” A voice also can be heard saying, “You’re going to get sued, dude.”

A witness explained to

The child was 13-yrs-old (on the video other witnesses assume he’s “15 or 16″ but according to the source he is in fact 13). He was riding on his skateboard with other young boys behind a shopping center, and there happened to be a patrol car parked nearby.

At some point an officer inside of the patrol car told the 13-yr-old child to “get in the car.”

The child replied, “Why?”

The officer then warned, “You don’t want to get dropped.”

The officer apparently knew the boy was only 13 and not suspected of criminal wrongdoing as the San Diego Union-Tribune reported:

Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Jan Caldwell said the incident began when a woman reported that her son had been missing about a day and a half. A deputy went to her home and found out from the woman where her son liked to hang out. The deputy found the boy behind the store with a group of youths riding skateboards.

“He approached him, identified him, verified who he was and said he had to come with him,” Caldwell said. “The juvenile refused.

The Free Thought Project says

According to witnesses, the officer then attacked the boy, hitting him from behind as the boy was skateboarding. He then got on the boys back and began choking him, according to witnesses. The video shows the choking and the subsequent tasering to the child’s spine.

The boy can be heard in the video writhing in pain as the officer attempts to subdue him.

“Put your fucking hands behind your back!” shouts the officer. To which the child replies, “I can’t.”

The witnesses can be heard telling the officer, “He’s just a kid.”

The officer then loads the beaten and tasered child into his patrol car and begins walking towards the people filming. The video then ends.

According to the witnesses, the officer then proceeded to confiscate everyone’s cellphones and deleted their video. This one video below managed to make it out.