5 Reported Cases of Measles in Vancouver Area


VANCOUVER, BC (Alternative Free Press) – Less than 48 hours ago Alternative Free Press broke the news that Vancouver had it’s first diagnosed case of the Measles.

We can now confirm that Vancouver Coastal Heath Authority now has 5 reported cases of Measles in the Vancouver area.

Most health officials already admit that the MMR vaccine is not effective in 10%-20% of the population. However, most neglect to tell you that the vaccine does not provide true immunity, it provides only a temporary immune-like response. Protective serum titers drop very quickly after the second MMR dose, meaning some vaccinated people do not receive any lasting protection from the MMR vaccine.

As of April 8, 2014 Fraser Health had 375 confirmed cases of measles in Fraser East. As far as we know, of May 30, 2014 these 5 recent cases are the first reported in Vancouver.

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