Ukrainian TV Exec Beat Into Resignation

The CEO of Ukraine’s National Television Company (NTU) has been violently assaulted in his own office by a group of far-right radicals claiming to act on behalf of the country’s freedom of speech and information committee who forced him to sign a letter of resignation for alleged pro-Russian propaganda.

Ukrainian ultras beat TV channel chief into resignation

Voice of Russia: March 19, 2014

Alexander Panteleymonov, who chairs the state-run NTU, was shouted at, punched in the face and threatened with more violence to make him step down amid allegations of airing anti-Ukrainian content.

The footage posted on the web shows a group of people from the nationalist Svoboda party pushing Panteleymonov and yelling at him: “Write your resignation! Sit down! I told you, sit down! ”

“You are feasting in my Ukraine!…Here is a paper, pen, write the resignation now quickly, you animal…You Muscovite (a derogatory word for Russian) garbage!” one of the attackers can be seen shouting in the chairman’s face.

The intimidated CEO replied by saying he’s a Ukrainian, to which they responded with more abuse: “You are Ukrainian? You are sh*t! You campaigned for Moscow, you lied to Ukrainians for our money!”

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