Mainstream media FINALLY covers ‘Unprecedented damage’ to ocean from Fukushima

Mainstream media have ignored the ongoing nuclear disaster in the pacific ocean for years, but reality is becoming harder for them to ignore.

CTV News: Radioactive waste specialist at Beyond Nuclear Kevin Kamps on how signs of radioactivity off B.C.’s coast should give us larger concern.

Alternative Free Press has been covering the Fukushima crisis ongoing since our inception. Here are just a few of the articles:

Fresh leak at Fukushima nuclear plant sees 70-fold radiation spike(February 2015)

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Fukushima boss admits radioactive water out of control(April 2014)

Fukushima Storage Crisis: Full Of Radioactive Water(March 2014)

Canadian Soil Tests Positive for Fukushima Radiation(March 2014)

Fukushima’s Radioactive Ocean Water Arrives At West Coast(February 2014)

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