VIDEO: Rex Murphy calls on Canada to go to war against Stephen Harper’s terror bill

And they will say that this was Rex Murphy’s finest hour.

The CBC freelancer just issued the nation its ultimate call to arms, challenging Canadians to fight Stephen Harper’s new anti-terrorism bill clause by clause, and word by word — and to refuse to cede an inch of freedom beyond what is needed.

“Every clause should be fought over,” Murphy said on CBC’s The National Thursday night. “Every potential advance on the liberty of the citizen should be examined as to its ultimate necessity.”

Murphy added: “The powers and agencies to be granted license to monitor and investigate outside or beyond the protections normally in place must be put to the fullest Parliamentary, media and democratic testing…. We should not abridge our liberties or set up mechanisms to abridge them without the fullest and most strenuous scrutiny and opposition we are capable of.”

Canadians of all political persuasions and all points of view should all find common cause in challenging the Conservatives as they attempt to cut off debate on Harper’s new terror bill.

“That’s not the way we do things” in this country.

(Press Progress)

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