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Ontario Data Shows Negative Efficacy In Vaccinated Under 60 Years Old.

People in Ontario who are under 60 years old and were vaccinated with 3 doses of vaccine are being infected with COVID-19 at higher rates than people not fully vaccinated.

(Larger image:

The data can be found at but interestingly the charts auto-load to last year. You must search for 2022 to find the current data.

The data makes clear that COVID vaccination is counter-productive for people who are not elderly or obese. Children are showing higher rates of infection in the fully vaccinated category than the not vaccinated category. Adults under the age of 60 show approximately similar risk of infection between vaccinated and unvaccinated, with increased risk of infection when boosted. Overall, it’s clear that the not fully vaccinated group is becoming infected at a lower rate than people who received 2 or 3 doses.

BC Hiding COVID Case Rates as Vaccinated Case Rate & Share of Deaths Increase

The British Columbia CDC has stopped providing data regarding the proportion of COVID-19 cases that are vaccinated. Up until last week the CDC was providing a breakdown of unvaccinated cases vs. 2dose vs boosted individuals, but it seems that level of transparency was providing too much insight into the fact that the vaccinated individuals are being infected at a higher rate than unvaccinated.

Here is the chart from 2 weeks ago:

Here is the chart today:

Also interesting is how they backdated the data. Previously they showed 4 weeks in May, and now they backdated it to April to include 3 more weeks than previously. I wonder what the past 4 weeks would look like without those backdated week added?

Clearly, BC doesn’t want you to see how poorly the vaccines are working. Perhaps this is because BC is one of the only jurisdictions in the world to continue to enforce a vaccine mandate on public workers. The fact that boosted people are infected at a higher rate than unvaccinated is rather inconvenient for an authoritarian regime hellbent on tyranny.

Here are a couple charts that are no longer available:

Ontario Vaccinated Rate Of Infection Jumps Above Unvaccinated For 2nd Time

Between late December and late January, vaccinated people in Ontario were infected at a higher rate than vaccinated people . In late January this switched to a higher rate among unvaccinated , however by late February this reversed again. Vaccinated people are now being infected with COVID at a higher rate than unvaccinated people in Ontario for the second time this year.


British People Vaccinated With One-dose Are Dying At Twice The Rate Of Unvaccinated

Data out of England shows that people who have received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccination are dying at twice the rate of unvaccinated people.

December 2021 England Mortality Rate (age standardized, all deaths):
Unvaccinated 41
one dose 42

unvaccinated 181
one dose 301

Unvaccinated 638
one dose 1277

unvaccinated 1572
one dose 3919

unvaccinated 4156
one dose 9776
two dose 14143

Unvaccinated 13046
One dose 26892
Two dose 33487

Unvaccinated 26097
One dose 46111
Two dose 62527


Vaccinated Young People Dying At Twice The Rate Of Unvaccinated In Israel

Haaretz reports “On January 29, ministry figures showed the death rate per 100,000 people under 60 to be 0.1 for the unvaccinated, 0.2 for the partially vaccinated and zero for the fully vaccinated” in Israel.

In Israel “partially vaccinated” includes people who have received 1 or 2 doses.

This means that people under 60 years old who have been vaccinated with 1 or 2 doses are dying at twice the rate of unvaccinated people in Israel.


1-dose Vaccinated British Senior Death Rate Exceeds Unvaccinated

The UK has released data for deaths up to October 2021, and it shows seniors who are vaccinated with one dose are dying at a faster rate than unvaccinated seniors.

Age-standardized mortality rate per 100000 person years :

Age 60-69:
unvaccinated mortality 1410.9
>21 days since first dose 3563.6

Age 70-79:
unvaccinated mortality 3811.6
>21 days since first dose 9456.1

Age 80-89:
unvaccinated mortality 9747.4
>21 days since first dose 20744

Age 90+
unvaccinated mortality 22358.4
>21 days since first dose 39783.2
<21 days since first dose 75900.4

The data is found here:

BC Vaccinated elderly Hospitalized and Dying At High Rate


Vaccinated elderly people in British Columbia are being hospitalized at a much higher rate than unvaccinated people. According to this chart from the BCCDC, people over 70 with 2 doses are hospitalized at a rate 80x higher than unvaccinated over 70. (Editor’s note: It seems possible this is an error with ZERO unvaccinated over 70 in hospital, however they have yet to correct it if it is)

The data also shows that boosted individuals make up a whopping 44% of deaths, while only making up 18% of the population. Notably, this is a higher increase than the unvaccinated. While the unvaccinated proportion of death is under double the unvaccinated population, the boosted proportion of death is well over double the boosted population. (Editor’s note: these number have been changing rapidly, this is just a snapshot in time)

Covid Hospitalizations: Age bigger factor than vaccination status

Currently in Ontario, out of 1141 adult hospitalizations:

-76.5% (874/1141 adults) in hospital are over 60 years old. Majority are vaccinated.

-88% (1006/1141 adults) in hospital are over 40 years old. Majority are vaccinated.

-135 people in hospital are between 18-39 years old. About half are vaccinated. (66 vaccinated vs 69 unvaccinated)

-56% (644/1141 adults) of the adults in hospital for COVID are over 70 years old, more than 2/3 are vaccinated.

– 443 vaccinated people over 70 years old in hospital. Includes 369 2-dose and 74 boosted.

-The rate of hospitalization is higher for vaccinated over age 80 than it is for unvaccinated under age 60.

The report from Ontario also confirms that unvaccinated people have a lower risk (0.82x) of catching COVID-19 compared to fully vaccinated people.