“I kicked him the wrong way” : Mom Stomps Child to Death After Police Ignore Abuse

Albuquerque Boy Called 911 for Help, 6 Months Later Mom Stomps Him to Death in Meth-Induced Rage

By Tamar Auber
Latest: April 30, 2014

38-year old woman is now in jail after stomping her young son to death in a drug-induced rage, just months after the little boy tried to call 911 for help.

Synthia Varela-Casaus, a mother of 4, has a checkered past, including numerous arrests for drug possession and prostitution. She also had a habit of leaving her kids with friends and relatives while off on a binge, often for months at a time.

The troubled mom was also prone to violence and abuse. 6 months before little Omaree was kicked to death, the little boy called 911 to report the abuse in the home, leaving the home dangling to record the horrifying events occurring in his home.

“Yeah, (expletive) beat the (expletive) out of you Omaree,” a male voice says in the recorded 911 message, followed by Omaree screaming out, “stop, please!”

“Shut the (expletive up) up before I really pop you hard man,” the man, believed to be Omaree’s step-dad Steve Casaus, threatens.

A voice thought to be Omaree’s mom then chimes in, “”You caused this on yourself Omaree. Cause you don’t want to (expletive) change do you?”

The vicious tirade continues for over 20 minutes, with the adults hitting and swearing at the little boy.

Amazingly, the Albuquerque police did not label the 911 call a priority and after a brief visit caught on lapel-cam to follow-up on the abuse, the police decided to leave the kids in the home and never bothered to file a report with child welfare services.

That decision, turned out to be a tragic mistake.

The next 911 called received from the home was a call reporting the 9-year-old dead.

“I didn’t do it. It wasn’t intentional,” Casaus told the local news after her arrest for her son’s brutal death. “It was an accident. I was disciplining him. I kicked him the wrong way. It was an accident.”

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