Alberta Oil Consultant Exposes Fracking Crimes

Filmed at the University of Lethbridge, March 25, 2014
This You Tube is a compilation of segments from a 90 minute talk. The full version will be available soon.

Jessica Ernst worked for over three decades as an environmental biologist doing research and independent consulting for the Alberta petroleum industry. One of her main clients was the EnCana Company, which began large-scale fracking in the region of her home community of Rosebud Alberta in the early years of the 21st century.

In 2007 Jessica Ernst the scientist became Jessica Ernst the whistle blower. Bringing forward evidence that her own water well and those of her neighbours had been severely contaminated, Jessica sued the EnCanada Corporation. She also sued the forerunner of the Alberta Energy Regulator as well as the Alberta government itself.

Jessica Ernst is especially intent on getting some accountability from the Alberta Energy Regulator, the AER, which is 100% industry-funded. She accuses the AER of violating her freedom of association under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Jessica made this allegation based on a directive issued by the oil and gas regulator, Jim Reid. Rather than doing a credible investigation of Jessica’s complaints, Reid ordered his staff to cease all communications with Ms. Ernst in 2005.

Tellingly, the current head of the 100% industry-funded Alberta Energy Regulator is Gerard Protti, a former executive of EnCana Corporation. His conflict of interest is illustrative of a culture of conflict of interest that is transforming the governments of Canada and Alberta into wholly-owned subsidiaries of Texas-based and China-based oil and gas companies.

Jessica Ernst explains how this failure at the top is resulting in the poisoning of the environment and the severe undermining of public health. The quality of commercial agriculture is thereby undermined. The vitality of wildlife is attacked. Similarly, the public health of Albertans is under assault.

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