The NSA Documents Database: All Snowden leaks sorted & searchable

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has launched a user-friendly online database which contains all of the documents leaked by Edward Snowden which have been made public so far. Of course there is still more to come as well, Mr Snowden has said “Some of the most important reporting is yet to come.”. As the rest of the documents are released, the ACLU will add them to the database.

Emily Weinrebe of the ACLU’s National Security writes: “These documents stand as primary source evidence of our government’s interpretation of its authority to engage in sweeping surveillance activities at home and abroad, and how it carries out that surveillance. The ACLU hopes to facilitate this debate by making these documents more easily accessible and understandable.”

With full search and filtering functions finding the documents most relevant to any specific topic should be easy.

Weinrebe concludes, “The fact is that most of the documents contained in this database should have never been secret in the first place. Now, with newfound access to these records, we can educate ourselves about the true nature and scope of government surveillance in its many forms. This database will serve as a critical tool with which we will hold our government accountable.”

The NSA Documents Database:

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