Elections BC investigates illegal Liberal party donations

Tess van Straatenon
CHEK News : March 6, 2017

Elections B.C. investigates explosive allegations that lobbyists have been illegally funneling money to the B.C. Liberals

Pricey fundraisers bring in big bucks for the B.C. Liberals but two months before the provincial election, the party’s fundraising practices are being probed by Elections B.C.

“I’m very concerned,” says chief electoral officer Keith Archer. “That’s why we’re launching the investigation.”

At issue, whether lobbyists are illegally funneling money to the party on behalf of corporate and special interests.

An investigative report by the Globe and Mail found tens of thousands of dollars — in multiple donations — by lobbyists who said they were buying tickets to Liberal events for clients and then getting reimbursed, which is against the law.

“The election act is really clear that political donations cannot be made indirectly,” explains Archer.

B.C. Green Party leader Andrew Weaver is also now calling on the RCMP to investigate

“I was sickened when I first read about what was going on,” says the Oak Bay-Gordon Head MLA. “This is egregious. We have very few rules in B.C. on election financing but at least one of them says you can’t donate on behalf of others.”

The law’s been in place for more than 20 years and watchdog group Integrity B.C. says more than $1 million in donations could be in violation in just the last decade.

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